Boost for legal firms: Review your document production strategy

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Document production is at the heart of the work legal firms do. But how often do firms take a look at how they do document production, to see if there are ways to address their pain points? Are there ways to produce documents more efficiently, faster, in more locations (with clients, working at home and so on), and can this be achieved without headaches around installation, security and updating? The answer to all those questions is “yes,” and we have it right here.

Legal firms have to juggle a heavy workload with little room for slippage. Clients are all important. They need to be responded to quickly, and casework documentation needs to be thorough, accurate and produced in a timely fashion. Meanwhile, all the non-client-facing work has to be done as well. It’s a never-ending round.

This isn’t a cause for complaint. After all, document production is right at the heart of what legal firms do.

But it doesn’t hurt to review document production processes regularly, consider the pain points, and find out if alternative strategies can take them away.

Speech-to-text software can play a huge role.  For a start, dictating words is a lot faster than typing them, and to add to the speed, Dragon Professional Anywhere uses deep learning to make sure its near 100% accuracy out of the gate adapts to your needs.

Then there is the fact that with Dragon Professional Anywhere short-spoken commands can insert phrases or even paragraphs into documents. That makes it easy to write in full complex terminology that you might otherwise be tempted to abbreviate, improving clarity in documentation.

What about behind the scenes? Firms can be put off adopting new solutions because installation, maintenance, and security can be time-consuming and require technical expertise they don’t have. Small firms suffer especially.

But Dragon Professional Anywhere is a cloud or on-premise solution. We take care of security patches. We update the software so you always have the latest features at your disposal without lifting a finger yourself.

And, as the name suggests, Anywhere means, well, anywhere. Cloud-based Dragon Professional Anywhere lets you take document production on the road. You can dictate documents while you are with clients, traveling, working from home, or anywhere. Everything synchronizes, and of course, collaborative working is sorted.

Flexible, agile, secure, scalable. These might not be words you associate with writing up case conferences. But why not? Dragon Professional Anywhere brings these qualities to document creation.

Perhaps it’s time to take a look at your document productivity strategy. Contact us to learn more about Dragon Professional Anywhere.

Find out how speech-to-text technology and digital dictation will help you work smarter.

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