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An advanced dictation solution delivering improved productivity

Winscribe is here to stay!

We have exciting news for all Winscribe customers in Australia and New Zealand!
Sound Business Systems will continue to supply Winscribe, your trusted digital dictation solution in Australia and New Zealand.
We are proud to announce that we have agreed on arrangements with Nuance enabling us to continue to run and maintain the Winscribe dictation platform for all customers going forward.

You’ll be able to use the same reliable and user-friendly platform that you have come to trust including receiving updates and new licences as required.
And of course, our friendly support team will continue to be available to you, providing the same high level of customer service that you have come to expect.

Winscribe is here to stay
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Winscribe Digital Dictation

Winscribe Digital Dictation

Business professionals including; doctors, lawyers, government and corporate throughout Australia, can utilise Winscribe Dictation via PC, telephone, digital recorder, smartphone or tablet devices.

It can be used to record file notes, emails, correspondence and other dictation, whenever required, from wherever you are, using whatever device suits you best. Within seconds of completing a recording, the file is automatically delivered for transcription to your preferred typist or typist group.


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Enjoy mobility and flexibility in your job with Winscribe Dictation for PC, telephone, smartphone and tablet devices

Winscribe is a powerful digital dictation tool designed to help employees consistently meet deadlines and work more efficiently. In Australia Winscribe is available for purchase exclusively through us.


Do more, in less time, work anywhere

Winscribe is revolutionising the way professionals work. It is used by hospitals, law firms and government departments throughout Australia.

Winscribe saves time and energy removing slow, inaccurate and inefficient data entry. The accuracy and speed of information transfer is vital to all organisations.

Winscribe Digital Dictation NZ

Advanced voice capture, automated work-flow,
greater productivity

Automated work-flow

Using Winscribe’s  server-based digital dictation workflow, you remove many of the manual processes from the dictation and transcription workflow. By automating and intelligently managing the work-flow, Winscribe can significantly speed up the document creation process.

Mobile Devices

What could you achieve with the freedom to work anytime, anywhere, using Winscribe Mobility. Flexibility is critical in today’s fast moving business environment. By using mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, Windows smartphones, and Android smartphones and tablets, to improve your productivity with the added benefit of enabling organisations to deploy an advanced workflow system without incurring additional hardware costs.


Winscribe is used world-wide by large organisations, including police forces in the UK, US and NZ. Winscribe uses two levels of security: file encryption and HTTPS. There is also a comprehensive set of policy rules within the system for managing password protection, retention, and re-use; account lock out; and force password change.

Administration & Reporting

Winscribe’s products are built on Microsoft architecture, using SQL & Microsoft.Net technologies, Winscribe can be tailored to your site specific needs.


Winscribe is suitable for organisations of any size:

  • Our clients range from small 1-5 user legal, medical and corporates utilising our Winscribe cloud “software as a service”
  • In-house organisation-wide rollouts to District Health Boards
  • Nationwide roll outs, such as the New Zealand Police 

Real-Time System Admin & Reporting

Winscribe allows managers at differing levels to selectively monitor and manage work-flow by department, or the entire dictation and transcription process in real-time. Reports can be produced for usage, productivity, and efficiency. Identify potential bottlenecks and continually improve the process. 

You can collect, track, analyse, and report on dictation and speech recognition data, staff productivity and organisational efficiency – enabling your organisation to work smarter and leaner. Graphical displays make interpreting data easy. Custom Reports can be generated using Microsoft SQL’s reporting services.


Winscribe is designed to integrate seamlessly with databases and systems currently used in your organisation – document management systems, RIS/PACS, HIS and more – creating efficient workflows for users. 

Using the Winscribe HL7 engine enables Winscribe to work with a wide variety of systems, as well as integrating with clinical portals to produce flexible solutions. 


Winscribe streamlines your transcription processes:

  • When an author sends work for typing, it is automatically routed to the applicable typist, or typist group
  • Winscribe empowers typists to work anytime anywhere (office, home, remote locations)
  • Transcription managers can manually allocate work to a specific typist or typist group
  • Overdue work can trigger a notification to the transcription manager 
  • Report on productivity and throughput by department, typist or group


Sound Business Systems is the exclusive supplier for Winscribe in Australia and New Zealand. We have sold, project managed and supported the product across the nation for more than 20-years.

Winscribe digital dictation-logo

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We help you find the best dictation solution and equipment for your needs!


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