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Dictation best practices and correction

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Dragon Medical One dictation best practices and correction

In this video you will learn some best practices and tips that will help you get the best results when you dictate with Dragon Medical One or any other Dragon speech recognition software.
So first let’s open up Dragon … I log in …  and now I’ve got the floating bar. The microphone icon is red, so Dragon can’t hear me at the moment.
With Dragon you can pretty much dictate anywhere, where you see a blinking cursor.
For example, you can dictate into Word, into your email software, into Dragon’s Dictation box or directly into your EMR. All you need to do is click into the text field here, where you want the dictated text to appear.
Before you start dictating, there are a few things you should be aware of:
Dragon delivers the best results when you come up with the whole phrase, the whole paragraph or the whole sentence and then say it all at once.
Dragon looks at the context. It knows what words make sense next to other words in a sentence.
Then it is best to dictate with a natural pace and try to avoid unnatural pauses.
So try to talk clearly and at a normal pace.

To dictate all you need to do is click on the red microphone icon to turn the microphone on and then start dictating:
“Subjective colon new line James is a 21 year old male presenting with symptoms of facial discomfort comma eye pain comma and post nasal drip for approximately three months full stop, next field, patient states he has ongoing sinus problems and has seen no improvement with antibiotics full stop new Paragraph”

You need to dictated the punctuation, line breaks and paragraphs.
In Dragon you need to dictate all punctuation as you go and Dragon will understand these as commands. So you could say:
“When did the symptoms begin question mark”
“New line”
“Open quote nasal congestion and obstruction close quote”
“New line All caps on M R S A All caps off”
“New line”
“Open brackets urgent close brackets “
You can find a helpful PDF guide with punctuation commands and other commands the below the video.
Now let’s dictate another sentence:
He also noted that he is having possible hearing loss and ear popping
When you first start using Dragon it occasionally makes recognition mistakes, even if you pronounce the words perfectly fine. That’s normal.
If you come across a recognition mistake, you go back and highlight the word or phrase that Dragon got wrong and OVERTYPE it.

You can double click to highlight it, or you can click and drag to highlight a word or phrase. Whatever is easier for you.
So always highlight and overtype a recognition mistake.
Correcting these recognition errors is the most efficient way to train your personal Dragon voice profile on the fly.  And it’s important to make these corrections.

Dragon learns to better understand what you say by adapting your voice profile based on the corrections you make.
So, if I correct this mistake here, the next time I dictate this word or phrase, Dragon is significantly more likely to produce the correct word or phrase.
So overtyping trains your Dragon voice profile.

But what if you have dictated a text and now realise you want to change it?
Maybe you said the wrong thing, you stuttered, or there was a loud noise in the background.
This is what we call a “human mistake”.
There is a second method of correction for human mistakes and this method does NOT affect your voice profile.
To correct a human mistake you highlight the text, delete the text first, and then retype or re dictate the text.
So if you got something wrong or changed your mind,
Always highlight the text, DELETE the wrong text first, and the retype it or re dictate.
Otherwise you would mess up your voice profile.
If you delete the wrong text first, the correction will not train Dragon.
So this is pretty much everything you need to know to get started with Dragon:

-Speak clearly and at a normal pace
– try to say full sentences, phrases or paragraphs all at once to give Dragon some context
– If you come across a recognition mistake, highlight and overtype the words to train your voice profile.
And if you want to correct a human mistake or changed your mind, make sure you DELETE the wrong text before you retype or redictate it.
If you need any help you can always reach out to our friendly Sound Business support team.