Philips SpeechExec 11: Subscription Based Dictation/Transcription

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In a world where technology is upgrading at such a rapid pace, it can be hard to keep up. That is why Philips is introducing the latest release of the highly popular Philips SpeechExec 11Available only as a subscription, Philips ensures this new product meets your dictation and transcription needs.


We offer Philips SpeechExec Pro V11 in both the Dictation and Transcription modules as a two-year subscription license. When Philips hardware is purchased subscription-based V11 software will now accompany it. Similarly, when SpeechExec Pro Dictate or Transcribe software is purchased, a V11 two-year subscription license will be provided.

You will be aware of the trend towards subscription-based software purchasing these days.  Subscription-based services such as Netflix, Spotify and even Microsoft Office are now standard. This is because this model supports the continuous development of the service.

Philips SpeechExec 11 is Guaranteed to Work on The Latest Versions of Windows

The Philips SpeechExec v11 license comes with an assurance from Philips that it will be kept functioning with all new windows updates. Microsoft is constantly updating its programs and some Windows 10 versions may interrupt the functionality of SpeechExec. This requires Philips to be constantly working on keeping its programs up to date. With previous versions of Speech Exec, you would often have to purchase entirely new software to ensure it would work with the latest version of Windows. A SpeechExec V11 subscription comes with a guarantee that Philips will keep the program updated to match the latest versions of Windows. Product upgrades will become a thing of the past.

Philips SpeechExec 11

Use One Licence for Multiple Computers

An issue that many people who have used SpeechExec in the past have faced is that it can only be installed on one computer. This just doesn’t work in today’s world. Many modern professionals use multiple computers and Philips knows this! That is why Philips has designed so it so you can access the software from multiple devices. Ensuring you have installed the software; you can log into the program from any of your devices. Remember that only one user can be logged in at a time per license. This allows you to work from the office, at home, or even while traveling!

More Benefits of Updating Your Software to Philips SpeechExec 11

  • Protection against new security threats. Software updates help to identify and create measures against security loopholes and ensure your software keeps running efficiently.
  • Access to exciting new features which incorporate the latest technology and fast improvements to existing performance issues.
  • Save time and money by keeping your software updated. The old software may contain unresolved bugs that could be a nuisance to your IT infrastructure. You will not have to spend as much time talking to your IT Support person for assistance with Bug Fixes that could be avoided.
  • Keep your employees happy by ensuring that their system is working at maximum capability. This improves productivity in your workplace.

By purchasing SpeechExec 11, you will have access to all of these latest features within your subscription period.

Find out how speech-to-text technology and digital dictation will help you work smarter.

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